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Sylt in the heart.
In the heart of Sylt.

54° 54’ 41.893“ N 8° 18’ 4.507“ E

Take a break and Book your Holiday at the sea!

Because everyday life is still often enough

Welcome to Wyn. “Wyn” is Söl’ring, the dialect of North Frisian spoken on Sylt, and means nothing but wind. The idea behind it is quite simple: we want to offer you a holiday experience that is as free, casual, intense and lively as the wind itself that shapes our island. And a little bit as pure and original as the people that this island has produced.

Because Sylters are self-professed free spirits. Here, we are not only hospitable and focused on enjoyment, but also open-minded and quite modern. We, who live with the sea, are born with a love of nature and sustainability.

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The Island

Sylt. Fulfilled.

Sylt – even the sound of that one syllable spontaneously evokes longing images and memories: the play of colours of white beaches, red cliffs and violet blooming heather, framed by the blue of the sea, reflecting an endless sky. The smells of the sea, the scent of salt marshes and heather in the sun-drenched lee of the dunes. The eternal murmur of the surf and the shrill cries of the petrels over the spray.

Wyn Strandhotel Sylt Einzigartige Mischung

Nature, peace and relaxation meet zest for life, elegance and pleasure. Enthusiasm for sports coexists peacefully with sweet idleness. You can hike in the mud flats, try on clothes in the designer shops and boutiques or simply walk around in shorts with salt on your skin. Sylt is diverse. So diverse that you feel completely fulfilled – and yet you have not seen, experienced or tasted everything.

It´s the unique blend
that makes Sylt a myth.

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The hotel

Right on the beach.
Completely Relaxed.

The Strandhotel Wyn is, of course, on the beach. But not just on any beach! On the Brandenburger Strand, where the Windsurf World Cup Sylt is held. And right on the sea front, separated only by one last dune from the beach, the wash margin and the surf. You cannot live closer to the sea on Sylt, a stone’s throw from the centre of Westerland. “Strandhotel”, meaning beach hotel in German, not only describes our location, but also, to a certain extent, our self-image as hosts:

The only thing that´s stiff with us
is the westerly wind.

Wyn Strandhotel Sylt Lobby Und Rezeption

And exactly this feeling of life, the almost physical experience of freedom, when the sun warms us after bathing, the skin tickles with freshness, the heart is light and the soul begins to vibrate in the rhythm of the waves – this is the exact feeling you should savour with us, without a care in the world. The first thing you encounter when you enter the Wyn is therefore not a formal lobby with reception, but an inviting living room: your living room right on the beach.